A command line tool that convert tags files (ctags, gccxml, etc.) to databases (sqlite, etc.)

Tags2db is a program that converts tags files ( ctags, gccxml, etc.) to database tables ( SQLite, etc.). Currently only ctags, gccxml and SQLite are supported. Other tags files such as etags, and other databases such as MySQL will be supported in the future.


Here are two screenshots of the SQLite database converted from ctags (the SQLite database is displayed by SQLite Database Browser): screenshot_fields screenshot_records


libxml2 (Optional, if you want gccxml is supported)


To build and install it, First install sqlite3 development package and optionally libxml2 developement package. On Debian, you could do this by executing the following command:

 # aptitude install libsqlite3-dev
# aptitude install libxml2-dev
If you are using a source tarball, then extract it:
 $ tar zxvf tags2db-{version}.tar.gz 
$ cd tags2db-{version}
Or you obtained the source code through the git repository, run ./autogen.sh:
 $ cd /path/to/source/dir 
$ ./autogen.sh
Run ./configure and make:
 $ ./configure
$ make
Now the binary executables should be built. To install it, run the following command:
 $ su -c 'make install' 
This command requires root privilege.


GPL v3


Hong Xu (hong@topbug.net)


Click here to download the latest stable release directly. Currently version is the latest stable version.
For other releases, click here to visit the download page.

Bug Report and Feature Request

If you find any bug or you have some good suggestions, please submit it on the issue tracker or send an email to me (xuhdev@gmail.com).

For Developers

This project is hosted with git, a distributed revision control system.
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